Don't you just feel amazing?

You can expect to feel improvements in your symptoms within 15-90 minutes of your infusion.

These effects can last up to 7-10 days. You can have repeat infusions every 1-2 weeks unless determined otherwise by your treating provider. Continue to wear the dressing applied to the IV infusion site for 1 hour to prevent bleeding. 

A light meal and 16 ounces of water are recommended after your infusion.

Monitor your IV site for redness, pain, warmth, or swelling. This could be a sign of infection or an adverse reaction. If this occurs, please call 682-337-1927.

Continue routine follow-ups with your primary care provider for continued treatment and evaluation.

If any mild side effects occur, such as hives, nausea, fever, cramping, headaches, or other non-life-threatening symptoms, please call 682-337-1927. If it is after hours, then please report to your closest urgent care or emergency department.

If any type of serious adverse event occurs such as diffuse hives, shortness of breath, trouble swallowing, chest pain, severe headache, changes in consciousness, increase pain/swelling in the arm that the infusion was given in, or anything else that is concerning, call 911 or report to the emergency department immediately.