Our Origin Story

When life gives you lemons, get LemonMade Rx.

While on a trip together to The Big Apple, Chantel & Lucy threw around the idea of being able to provide similar care to patients in their homes that traditionally would require a visit to the Emergency Room. Thoughts of the ability to feel better while laying on your comfortable couch instead of being even more miserable in a cold Emergency Room on a hospital stretcher. Chantel loved the idea of a boost of energy before jet setting off on vacation and Lucy was a fan of being able to feel better while lying in bed after an adventure of a night out (never learning her lesson haha). 

They decided to develop a concierge IV hydration and wellness company that focused on providing you with the same quality care you can receive in an ER but where you want it. Because, when life gives you lemons, get LemonMade Rx.

Since 2023, LemonMade Rx has provided exceptional care to North Texas and invests in quality Registered Nurses to care for you.

Chantel Gardner


At Your Favorite Spot, IV Hydration Therapy, Vitamin Injection Therapy, Weight Loss

I got my bachelors of nursing from New Mexico State University and the last 7 years have been spent providing critical care in the emergency room. I may be a lefty but my IV skills are impeccable thanks to serving as a night shift charge nurse and having over 4 yrs of ultrasound IV experience. I can find your hidden gem of a vein.

I co-founded LemonMade Rx because I believe medicine is not a one size fits all treatment plan! People deserve to have their care catered to their specific needs and health goals. By offering a balance of modern and holistic medicine we can achieve that long term. I believe helping patients feel their best should take place in a setting where they feel the most comfortable.

My favorite infusion is the Jet Setter. It’s the perfect combo to boost my energy levels and keep my immune system strong! A fun fact about me is am a late night chef, some nights you can find me in my kitchen, unwinding from my day at 11pm whipping up a gourmet treat.

Courtney Collins

At Your Favorite Spot, IV Hydration Therapy, Vitamin Injection Therapy

Hey y’all, I’m Courtney! I graduated from Texas Tech University and have been a registered nurse for a little over a year! I have two and half years experience placing IV’s AND I am trained in ultrasound IV placement! Our services are great to help you get back to feeling better or stay in your best shape, my favorite IV is the Jet Setter! In my free time I love shooting pool or going country swing dancing!

Erin Noga


At Your Favorite Spot, IV Hydration Therapy, Vitamin Injection Therapy

Hi, I’m Erin. I have 8 years experience working as a registered nurse, 7 of those in the Emergency Room. I am trained in using the ultrasound to place IVs and I feel like that has helped me become even better at IVs without using the ultrasound! I love our IVs because they keep you feeling great and your best self on a good day, but can get you back on your feet when you need a boost. Before I was a nurse I played college volleyball and I love to make home made pasta!

Fabian Zuniga


At Your Favorite Spot, IV Hydration Therapy, Vitamin Injection Therapy

My name is Fabian and I have been a registered nurse for over a year and graduated from Tarrant County College nursing school then received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Midwestern State University! All of my experience as an RN has been in the Emergency Room. Prior to becoming a nurse I was a nurse extern for 2 years practicing my skills and becoming the BEST with my IV skills! I am also trained in ultrasound IV placement. LemonMade Rx IV hydration services are great to have for any occasion. If you are feeling under the weather or have a long week ahead of you, our concierge service team comes to you, for your convenience, to help you get back to feeling your best.