LemonMade Rx’s Co-Owner @chantelg16 favorite is B-Complex!


Kickstarting this business while still working FULL time in the ER she’s been suffering from a bit of brain fog here and there ‍ She credits b-complex to keep her performing her best at both jobs. She loves that it doesn’t come with that mid-afternoon crash like when she drinks coffee or energy drinks, it’s a steady boost!


Benefits include:

Managing your appetite

Boosting mood

Improving mental clarity

Supporting hair, skin, and nail growth

Fighting fatigue

Promoting deeper sleep


You can get it as a shot or find it in lots of our IV infusions: Slim-Ade, No Lessons Learned, Penthouse Vibes, Beautiful & Boujee, and many more!


Erin Noga

Erin Noga

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